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Which breast pads would you recommend?

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I have tried all sorts of breast pads and share my thoughts on them below.  It would be great if you could share your thoughts on breast pads too!  Also read what others have said.

Breastfeeding has been difficult for me.  I have suffered from very sore nipples and mastitis, and had to stop breastfeeding my first baby at 5 weeks. I breastfed my second baby for four months thanks to the huge amount of research I did while feeding my first baby, into nipple creams, nursing pads, nipple shields and routines. I have used pads for leaky boobs, bleeding nipples, excess cream, to keep Jelonet in place, and to try to prevent my sore nipples from rubbing against my bras. Pads can be quite expensive, especially if you need to change them regularly to avoid smelling of old milk, or if you have bled into them. Since I have tried different brands, have attempted to save money by buying from big supermarkets, and have also tried cooling pads for relief from pain, I thought it would be good for me to share my findings here. I hope you find my tips helpful.

Lansinoh nursing pads

These ultra thin, stay dry pads get a huge thumbs up from me. They stick to me the least out of all of them, don't seem to smell bad when I have been wearing them for a while, and feel very comfortable, not causing very much bulk in my  bra.

Tommee Tippee disposable breast pads

These only stick to me when I have had a long time between feeds, for example over night.  They get quite heavy with milk, and start to smell, but again only after a night with no feeds.  They hold a lot more than the shops' own brands below and are pretty comfortable, although not quite as comfortable as the lansinoh pads, and can cause lumps and bumps under clothes.

Boots own

I found these very good for the price.  They are much cheaper than the brands above, but they don't hold as much milk, smell more, are less comfortable and create more bulk.

Tescos own

I had a nasty experience with these sticking to me and causing me more injuries, so I don't think they are worth saving money on.

Lansinoh cooling pads

I loved these when I was suffering from mastitis and very sore nipples. They kept me breastfeeding for a bit longer.  They moisturise, heal and cool.

Do you have favourite or least favourite breast pads?

Share you tips here!!

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