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Which breastfeeding clothes would you recommend?

Finding suitable breastfeeding clothes is difficult.  A good nursing bra, breastfeeding cover and suitable outfits have been essential for me. I describe my own embarrassing experiences and tips on this page and invite you to share yours too! Also read what others have said.

 A good nursing bra is vitally important!

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I got measured up for a nursing bra in Mothercare shortly before my first baby's birth.  They said that I was about a 34J but that they didn't have a bigger cup size than a G, so sold me a 38G. I developed mastitis in the second week of my baby's life, and found my bras incredibly painful.  After a couple of days of desperately cutting holes into my bras to give my boobs more space, I decided to go to Bravissimo on a friend's recommendation. They measured me as a 34KK and I felt like a new woman when I put the bras on! I would strongly recommend Bravissimo bras, since I have continued to use them with my second baby and have had no issues with mastitis. Medela nursing bras are also extremely comfortable.  Please share your nursing bra tips below! Read what others have said!

Which breastfeeding clothes do you use to cover yourself with when feeding in public?

Breastfeeding discreetly is vitally important to me, but surprisingly difficult to achieve.  My boobs and nipples are large, so my baby's head alone will not give me much dignity. Muslins have slipped off or blown up in the wind at the worst moments and I haven't had much joy with nursing tops, since it still seems necessary to pull my entire boob out for everyone to see.

Covers, bibs and aprons

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I found breastfeeding so difficult with my first baby.  Not only was it extremely painful, but I was also very embarrassed to feed in public because I felt as though I was doing it incorrectly, and really didn't want anyone to see my naked boobs and tummy.  I tried all kinds of bibs with no luck until I found a Baby Bubu breastfeeding cover.  These are brilliant because thanks to the wired top, you can see your baby when you look down, but no-one else can see.  See the photo above. Do you have a favourite breastfeeding cover?  Please share!

How to cover up your tummy  

A good way to avoid your tummy hanging out when you are breastfeeding, is to invest in some vests that are big enough to pull down below your boob.  You wear these underneath any t-shirt or blouse and your tummy is never exposed!  Do you have any tips for covering your tummy?  Please share!

Avoiding a builder's bum

My maternity trousers have been good for this and I would also suggest wearing a long cardigan if you aren't too warm.  The big vests under your clothes suggested above may be long enough anyway.

Do you have any suggestions for what to wear when breastfeeding?

Please share your tips!

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