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Which clothes and accessories do you wear to breastfeed?

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Good clothes and accessories for breastfeeding can be difficult to find. I have really struggled with feeling both attractive and comfortable whilst breastfeeding, and have searched far and wide for solutions, which I have described on the pages below. I really hope you find them helpful and would love it if you could share your own tips and advice too!

My top clothes and accessories for feeling glamorous while breastfeeding

I have found that breastfeeding doesn't make me feel very glamorous, and feeding out and about can leave you feeling naked and embarrassed.  I put on quite a lot of weight when I was pregnant and felt quite fat and flabby after the birth. The last thing I wanted to do was to show everyone my fat belly and giant boobs. Unfortunately, I had very few suitable clothes in my wardrobe, since my maternity clothes are not suitable for breastfeeding, and my regular clothes don't yet fit me. Trousers that don't give me a builder's bum are a must, as are long t-shirts that aren't too floppy. Leaky boobs are yet another lovely issue we have to deal with, so I have searched far and wide for the best bras, bibs, vests and trousers, breast pads and more, and share my findings here.  It would be great if you could share your breastfeeding clothing tips below too!

My top clothes and accessories to help relieve breastfeeding soreness and pain.

I am one of the huge numbers of unlucky women who finds breastfeeding painful so I have tried all sorts of bras, nipple shields, and cooling breast pads to help me to carry on feeding for as long as possible.  See more below.

Covering up

How do you cover yourself up when breastfeeding?  I was desperate to find a bib that would cover me up but would also allow me to see my baby so I could latch her on properly.  Also check out the vests I have discovered.

Nursing Bras

I developed mastitis with my first baby and discovered the hard way that a well-fitting nursing bra is essential.

Breast Pads

Breast pads can stick and cause injuries so it is important to invest money in really good ones.  Cooling breast pads can offer amazing relief for mastitis and sore nipples.

Nipple Shields

Best buys, how to use them, clean them and carry them around with you.

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