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Successful Mixed Feeding

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Read and share your tips and advice on mixed feeding on the pages below.

I combination fed my second baby from week 2 and had great success. I tried to exclusively breastfeed my first baby, but couldn't overcome problems with sore nipples and mastitis so had to stop at five weeks (read my breastfeeding story). With my second baby, I decided to try combination feeding, and kept breastfeeding for four calendar months. It is easier for me to fit working life and family life around my baby with the option of giving my baby a bottle when necessary, and I am avoiding the breast pain associated with evening cluster feeds.  When my baby has a growth spurt, I 'save' my nipples by giving my baby extra bottle feeds. I introduced a bottle very early on so avoided my baby refusing a bottle and have experienced no issues of 'nipple confusion', possibly because I am using a nipple shield when breastfeeding.

In order to avoid sore nipples caused by missing feeds, I have always made sure I have given my baby the same number of breastfeeds each day and have varied the number of bottles according to my baby's needs. See my routine page for more information.  

I believe there are real benefits to formula feeding.  There is more iron in formula, and if you forget to take your vitamins, your baby will still get them in the formula, for example Vitamin D, which is so important.  Add to that a more contented mum who is not stressed out by sore nipples and feeding in public, and the benefits of breast milk over a longer period of time.

One reason people give you for continuing to breastfeed exclusively is that it is cheaper, but I have spent so much money on bras, bibs, nipple creams and shields, I have to disagree.

On the pages below I will be sharing tips and advice on sterilising and preparing bottles since there is so little advice out there, mixed feeding out and about,  routine, missing and dropping feeds.  It would be great if you could share your tips and advice too!

Sterilising and Preparing Bottles

Tips and advice on bottle sterilising.  There is conflicting advice out there so it would be great for us to share our methods.  Read more...

Mixed Feeding out and about

How do you pack a sterilised bottle and formula into your bag and avoid spillages?  Read more...


When do you give your baby a bottle, when do you breastfeed?  Book recommendations and tips on working and feeding and fitting around your other family members. How to avoid sore nipples.  Read more...

Missing and Dropping feeds

How long does it take to drop a breastfeed?  Which feed to drop and when.  Read more...

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