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Which Nipple Cream has worked for you?

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I have tried all sorts of nipple creams and wanted to share my findings with you.  It would be great if you could share your own tips on creams below, since I am sure there are many others I haven't come across. On this page, I also recommend Jelonet and cooling breast pads. Read other people's advice too!

Incorrect use of Lansinoh nipple cream

I used Lansinoh nipple cream with my first baby, but not very effectively. I was given a sachet on the postnatal ward by a midwife but she didn't explain how to use it. She just told me not to use too much. I found it very difficult to spread, which was actually quite painful because my nipples were so sore.  I therefore didn't use it for very long and I gave up breastfeeding after five weeks because the wounds on my nipples got too deep and just wouldn't heal. I developed blocked ducts and mastitis and stopped letting down after I exclusively expressed for a few days.

Lansinoh works fantastically when used correctly!

I went to a breastfeeding clinic for help during week four, and the breastfeeding counsellor explained that nipples are like lips, so you should treat cracked nipples in the same way as you would treat chapped lips. She said Lansinoh nipple cream was excellent and told me that you need to melt a pea-sized blob of Lansinoh by rubbing it between your index finger and thumb to make it spreadable.  She also told me to apply before and after feeds and that it would not harm the baby. I wish I had followed this advice.

When my second baby was born, I had a tube of Lansinoh cream ready in my hospital bag and followed the breastfeeding counsellor's advice from the very first feed. It worked and I breastfed my baby for four calendar months, using the cream before and after every feed. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I applied the cream so that there was time for it to soak in because my nipples were quite dry. I then applied it again just before my baby went on the boob. This avoided unnecessary injuries.

The other great thing about Lansinoh is that you can use it for your baby's chapped lips!

Moist wound healing

Lansinoh helps wounds to heal by keeping the skin moist and therefore allowing the wound to heal from the bottom up, rather than forming a scab on the top which will be broken as soon as you feed your baby.  Other moist wound healing products which can be used are Vaseline and Jelonet.

Jelonet consists of a leno-weave fabric, of cotton or cotton and viscose, which has been impregnated with white soft paraffin.  You cut a small section off and apply it to the wound.  You can put Lansinoh on first, to avoid it drying out and sticking, a mistake I made which can make the wound worse. 

Lansinoh cooling breast pads also offer a moist wound healing environment and give you such relief!

Dr. wheatgrass superbalm

The other fantastic cream I used with my second baby is Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm. I discovered this cream after I stopped breastfeeding my first child. I was quite anxious at the time and developed IBS. This unfortunately led to an anal fissure which was agony for several hours a day. I was given some treatments by my doctor, but the fissure always came back and the side effects were nasty. After some internet research I discovered Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm, and in desperation I ordered some. The Superbalm promised to heal the fissure after a few weeks of use because of its miracle healing powers. To my immense relief it actually worked.  I therefore decided to try the Superbalm on my nipples when breastfeeding my second child. I contacted the manufacturer to ask if it was safe and they said it was, but that I should wipe it off with a damp cloth just before feeding. On bad days I used the cream after every feed but I usually only used it at night if I felt particularly sore. It really helped.

Do you have any tips on nipple creams?

Please share them with us!

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