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Desperate to heal sore nipples?

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Visit the pages below for tips on healing and preventing sore nipples.  Feel free to add your own advice too!

With my first baby I developed extremely deep and painful cracks in my nipples, which led to blocked ducts and mastitis, and unfortunately, I had to give up breastfeeding after five weeks.  During those five weeks I did a huge amount of research into nipple creams, moist wound healing, nipple shieldscooling breast pads, and different feeding positions in a desperate attempt to continue to breastfeed.  I was a mess, and didn't know how to heal my wounds that were becoming worse with each feed.

When my second baby was born I packed nipple shields and a tube of Lansinoh cream into my hospital bag, determined that I would breastfeed for longer.  I knew that I needed to prevent any cracks from deepening and applied all my previous knowledge and experience to this endeavour. I managed to breastfeed for four calendar months this time. I still got sore, but with the correct use of nipple shields and creams and varying feeding positions I was able to heal enough to continue to breastfeed for longer.  

As well as breastfeeding, I also gave my baby a few bottles of formula each day to give my nipples a break. This worked really well for me and I share my tips on my Mixed Feeding page.   

To avoid soreness associated with missing feeds and the baby using me as a dummy, I loosely followed a routine, giving my baby the same number of breastfeeds each day with varying bottle feeds according to her hunger.  Routine is important for me to stay sane, to keep working, and to fit around my other family members.

I am so upset that I wasn't given the correct advice right from the beginning, that I have felt compelled to create this website in order to help other women with similar problems. Please feel free to share your own tips as well, so that we can build up a really good collection. There are many issues that I won't be covering, so I would be very grateful for your input.

Tips for healing and preventing sore nipples

Nipple Shields

They work! I used nipple shields in a desperate attempt to get my first baby to latch on.  She did, but I was told not to use them by a midwife.  I went on to develop very nasty cracked nipples.  I have used them for every feed with my second child and I am still breastfeeding.  Read more...

Nipple Creams

Since learning how to use Lansinoh properly, I can highly recommend it.  My other amazing discovery is Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm, a miracle healer.  Read more...

Moist Wound Healing

A cracked nipple heals more effectively from the bottom up, especially since there is so little time between feeds.  The last thing you want to do is to develop a scab over the top and then break it when your baby latches on.  Read more ...

Cooling Breast Pads

For immediate cooling relief

Mixed Feeding

To allow your nipples more time to heal, it can be a good idea to introduce a bottle.  Read more...


To avoid missing breastfeeds and the soreness associated with that and your baby using you as a dummy, read more...

Missing and Dropping Feeds

Does this make your nipples sore? 


Pumping can help sore nipples to heal and can prevent sore nipples in the first place. Read more...

Different feeding positions

Different position can help cracks to heal.

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