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How do you sterilise your bottles?

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Please share your tips on how to sterilise and prepare bottles, and how to bottle feed out and about below! Also read advice from others.

How I prepare and sterilise my bottles

I have been using tommee tippee bottles because the teats are supposed to be very similar to the breast, and a tommee tippee microwave steriliser. I prepare my bottles at the same time every day, which helps me to avoid not having a bottle when I need one!

- Dismantle your bottle into four pieces and rinse out the milk.
- Wash thoroughly in warm soapy water with a bottle brush in a clean washing up bowl (I have a separate bowl for bottles only)
- Place your bottles into your microwave steriliser as per the instructions and pour 200 ml of water into the bottom.   Put in the microwave for the specified time.
- Fill the kettle with fresh water and boil just once.
- Pour correct amount (see formula box) of boiling water into the bottles and put the lids on.  
- When your baby needs a feed, unscrew the whole top from the bottle without removing the lid and add correct amount (see formula box) of formula.
- Screw lid back on and shake well before feeding. 
- Cove whole teat with milk as you feed to avoid wind.

N.B. The NHS says that the water should not be cooled for more than 30 minutes before adding the formula and feeding your baby but I worry that I may scald my baby's mouth if I am in a hurry, and this method makes feeding out and about very difficult, or more expensive if you choose to buy ready-made formula.

Sterilising away from home

It may be worth getting an electric or cold water steriliser to take on holiday with you because there may not be a microwave at your destination.  Cold water sterilising is easy with tablets. Be careful with the liquid since this bleaches your clothes!

Bottle feeding out and about

The cheapest option is to purchase a formula dispenser and add ready-measured formula to your bottles of boiled water as you need them.  The difficulty with this is that the bottles must be kept upright, otherwise they spill. Instead, I carry empty bottles around with me, and bottles of ready-made formula.  The downside to this is that the feeds are more expensive.

To save space in my bag, rather than carrying bibs with me, I use muslins.

Also see sterilising Nipple Shields and Breast Pumps

Do you have any tips on sterilising and preparing bottles?

Please share!

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