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Do you have any tips for stopping breastfeeding?

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Stopping Breastfeeding is difficult and there is little support out there. It would be great if you could share any tips or advice on this below.  Read what others have said too!

Going 'cold turkey'

I really struggled to breastfeed my first baby and developed extremely sore nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis. During the fifth week, I decided to exclusively express for a few days to allow my injuries to heal. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at expressing and stopped letting down, probably due to all the stress. I tried to put my baby back on the boob but she wasn't intested. I had no choice but to stop breastfeeding by going 'cold turkey'. I spoke to a breastfeeding counsellor in a terrible panic, wondering what an earth was going to happen to me, because you aren't given any information on stopping breastfeeding. She told me that it would take a couple of weeks for my body to adjust and to stop producing milk.


My breasts were incredibly lumpy and painful, so I researched as much as possible into remedies to help get me through the next couple of weeks. Here are the things I tried:

- Sage tea, to help dry the milk up
- Savoy cabbage leaves, cooled in the fridge, then scrunched up to release the juices, which apparently help to dry the milk up, before putting between boob and breast pad, also a great remedy for mastitis
- As little contact as possible with warm showers or baths - I would sit in the bath with my bra on!
- Alcohol and caffeine to help dry up your milk

Please share your own tips below and read others' too!


I developed IBS when breastfeeding my first baby, probably because of the stress. It got much worse when I went 'cold turkey', and I developed a anal fissure, which was agony for several hours a day. I spent months trying to heal it with treatments from the doctors, but the fissure always came back with my period. Eventually I came across Dr. Wheatgrass Superbalm, which promised to cure it and it did. I went on to use this cream to heal my sore nipples with my second baby and combination fed for four calendar months.

Stopping breastfeeding gradually

With my second baby I combination fed from week 2 and gradually dropped breastfeeds. It takes about 8-10 days for my body to adjust to a dropped feed. Slight engorgement has caused  sore nipples, but they have quickly healed with the methods I share on my Sore Nipples page. Mild IBS has lasted about 3 days with no injuries. I stopped breastfeeding altogether at four calendar months due to mastitis. Read more.

Weight loss

Tips on how to lose weight during and after breastfeeding. Read more...

Do you have any tips for stopping breastfeeding?

Please share them here!

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