Second time around breastfeeding was easier

by Gemma Smith

I found breastfeeding difficult the first time. This was exacerbated by my mother-in-law who had bottle fed my husband and his brother and clearly felt guilty about it. So she tried to convince me that my milk 'was not enough for my baby'. She actually took him from me one day and gave him a bottle of formula without asking. My confidence was chipped away until I gave up.
I went on to develop PND which I believe was started by these feelings of inadequacy.

My second son was born 4 weeks early and was unwell at birth. I didn't hold him until a week old as he was in an incubator. The only thing I could do for him was to express. I fed him for the first time myself when he was a week old. It felt totally natural from the word go. As we were in hospital for 3 weeks, I could get feeding fully established without any interference (Noro virus meant that the wards were closed to visitors so no MiL!)

I did 5 months with my second son, and even though I went back to work when he was 3 months old (financial necessity!) I carried on. I only gave up when he developed thrush in his mouth from the antibiotics he had been given. We kept reinfecting each other and I ended up with both mastitis and thrush. He was unhappy due to pain in his mouth so I stopped at that point.

The long and short of it - 2nd time was much easier as I could get on with it without interference!

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