Andrew Downes: English Composer

English Composer: Andrew Downes (photo by Paul Cartwright)

Watch the premiere of Andrew Downes' 6th Symphony!

Climate Change Song for all ages:


Fun facts

World Music Influences on his music

Native American influences

Climate Change
Cross-curricular Resources for all ages

Sacred influences on his music

Ballads for Christmas

Different settings of
'O vos omnes'
Victoria, Geualdo, Casals, Downes, Kachelmeier

Songs of the skies

Songs of Autumn

The elements of music

The Dancers of Huai-nan

First World War


Piano by D.H Lawrence

Music & Conversation:


Thomas Hardy

Odysseus & the Cyclops

The Ballad of St Kenelm
Legend, poetry, music, acting, activities

Far from the Madding Crowd
Opera based on the novel be Thomas Hardy

Graphic Scores
Lesson Plan for KS2/3

Analysis and Performance
A Survey of the Literature

Case Study
Andrew Downes' Old Love's Domain: Analysis and Performance through Film

Analysis and performance through Film: Song No.1, 'The Division'

Analysis and Performance though Film: Song No. 2, 'Something Tapped'

Analysis and Performance though Film: Song No. 3, 'Where the Picnic Was'

Analysis and Performance though Film: Song No.4, 'At Castle Boterel'

Analysis and Performance though Film: Song No.5, 'The Curtains Now Are Drawn' 

Musical Settings of John Donne

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