Avoiding the Car

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On this page you are going to learn about the huge amount of C02 produced by your car.

In the following animation, there is a stark message by Dr Hugh Hunt of Cambridge University conveying just how much C02 a tank of petrol produces.

You can purchase the sheet music for this song here.

Now discuss the following:

  1. How else can you travel to school?
  2. How can you convince your parents to use other modes of transport?

Spreading the word

Many people seem to have no idea of the impact of driving a car on our planet. What can we do to change people's mindsets?

Task: How can you get the message out to people that they need to stop driving cars? Could you create a video, a leaflet a website, an event? Work out how you can talk to people to persuade them not to drive. How would you approach the conversation in order to have the most successful outcome? Discuss in groups and come up with a plan of action.

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