The second of six cross-curricular lesson plans on Autumn and Fall for Primary or Elementary School children using songs and animations, poetry analysis and writing, music analysis, instrument making, art projects and play ideas.

Animation by Paula Downes, music by Andrew Downes, traditional poem from Trinidad.

The Poem
Can we take you away
To the warm sea and sun?
Can we take you away
To the isle full of fun?

No more wind and rain,
No more hurricane.
Let us take you away
To the isle full of fun.

Let us dance and sing
Through day and night
Much joy we will bring
In darkness and light.

Can we take you away
To the warm sea and sun?
Can we take you away
To the isle full of fun?

Poetry Discussion
- What is a Carnival?  A traditionally Catholic celebration, a Carnival typically involves a public celebration and/or parade combining some elements of a circus, masks and public street party. 
- When does the Carnival happen? On the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in Trinidad and Tobago, so just before Lent.
- What do people wear? People wear colourful masks and costumes during many such celebrations, allowing them to lose their everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social unity.
- Where is Trinidad? Show the class on googlemaps.
- When do people begin preparing for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival? In the Autumn/Fall. 

Watch the following videos about the Carnival:
1. Costume-making

2. Parade:

Poetry Analysis
Search for rhyming words, nouns, adjectives, check the children understand what a hurricane is. What is a verse? Compare the first and last verses.

Poetry Writing
Brainstorm all the nouns, adjectives (including colours), and events associated with a Carnival.

Ask the children to select words that rhyme from the brainstorm.

Ask them them to write a poem with the same rhyming structure as the poem in the song.

Music Analysis
See if the children notice the 3-part rounds in verses 3 and 4. Teach them 'London's Burning' or 'Frère Jaque' to help them to understand what a round is.

The music in the animation gets its influences from Calypso music, a style of 
Afro-Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago during the early to mid-20th century. The syncopated rhythms and use of steel pans are very characteristic of this music. Watch this video to see how steel pans are made and sound.

Art Project
Design your own Carnival Costume.

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