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Here is an animation with a duet version of the song.  Enjoy!  You can sing along as you watch and then come up with some of your own verses.  Make sure your animal sounds are as realistic as possible!  Afterwards, you can learn to play the song by downloading the free sheet music for guitar and piano with lyrics, and since this is also a colouring page, you can colour in the farmer and his animals.  Finally, you could learn the duet part or compose your own.

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Old Macdonald had a farm,

And on that farm he had a cow,
With a moo, moo here and a moo, moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo, moo,
Old MacDonald had a farm,

Suggestions for other verses
And on that farm he had a sheep
With a ba, ba here and a ba, ba there,
Here a ba, there a ba, everywhere a ba, ba,

And on that farm he had a horse,
With a neigh, neigh here and a neigh, neigh there,
Here a neigh, there a neigh, everywhere a neigh, neigh,

And on that farm he had a dog,
With a woof, woof here and a woof, woof there,
Here a woof, there a woof, everywhere a woof, woof,

And on that farm he had a hen,
With a bawk, bawk here and a bawkbawk there,
Here a bawk, there a bawk, everywhere a bawkbawk,

Bits of this song can be found in songs throughout history.  The earliest of these songs was from an opera called ‘Kingdom of the Birds’ (1719-20), and contains the words, ‘Here a Boo, there a Boo, everywhere a Boo’.  In 1917, the song, ‘Old Macdougal Had a Farm’ was published in the book ‘Tommy’s Tunes’, and is very similar to the song we know today.

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