Songs for the Planet
Cross-Curricular Projects

The following lesson ideas are suitable for children and adults on the subjects of Flying, Driving, Carbon Footprint, Plastic Waste, Food Waste, and Zero Waste Shopping. 

The lesson ideas are based around six videos and songs, which people can watch and learn to sing. The songs can be accompanied by the videos, and/or a chamber orchestra (parts available here). The video below contains counting to guide conductors in multimedia live performances. FREE word sheet.

Two of the videos contain messages from Dr Hugh Hunt of Cambridge University, warning of the severe impact of flying and driving on the planet.

You can watch all six videos in one video here, or watch them separately as part of six separate lessons below.

The video above shows the counting for a conductor for multimedia performances.

Audio only:

Andrew Downes Composer · Andrew Downes' Songs for the Planet

Six lesson plans for Songs for the Planet

1. We need to stop flying

2. Avoiding the car

3. Zero Waste Shopping

4. Reducing Plastic Waste

5. Reducing Food Waste

6. We all need to talk (video only)

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